Monday, March 27, 2006

    Life Update: toward the start of spring 2006

    Life Update—toward the start of Spring 2006.

    I have been debating how much specific information to give in an anonymous blog.  How specific do the details need to be in order to communicate the specifics of a given situation?  With no real answer, I will hedge around my current state.

    I have not been teaching for the past three months.  For a variety of reasons, I have taken some time off from the full-year, always on treadmill of online teaching.  That will change this coming week.

    I can’t make a living teaching, even when I was at three institutions teaching 10 courses (this time last year—boy, did that get old fast), so I have found myself, after a series of writing jobs, as an instructional designer for IT.  In essence, I have found in corporate education what higher education was not able to give me…a livable wage.  Well, mostly livable.  Corporate IT work is project based for the most part.  So, I live from project to project, limiting the overnight travel the best I can.  When the project is good, life is very good.  Then there are the between project times, and the last five years have not been the best for IT-related projects (Y2K, 9-11, “recession,” etc.).  

    Currently I am on project.  It lasts only three months.  Like adjuncting, project life is ever-seeking stability.  For now, I am still seeking.

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