Thursday, June 01, 2006

    What I don't do

    [The following is a comment posted on Dean Dad's site just a few moments ago.  I thought perhaps I could get some traffic here on the subject.  So, excuse the double-post.  (]

    I don't do bathroom cleaning, much to Lovely Wife's chagrin.  I don't know why.  I clean the kitchen in detail, dust, sweep, etc...but somehow I don't see the bathroom.

    I don't do tents.  Cabins are better.

    I don't hunt, which is not a popular position in my small, rural town.  I don't see the "thrill."  It would be more attractive to me if I had to stalk the prey and fight it.  Or if I were really hungry...both options, really, have no appeal to me.  I would rather take a picture.

    I don't do the heat well either.  I grew up in Texas...spent a long summer in undergrad holed up in a small, upstairs garage apartment translating Greek and sweating with no AC.  I would rather die than to return to that.  In fact, after this hot weekend, I think I really would die.  So, the AC was cranked, and I still had a fan on me.

    I don't do small-talk well.  I was incredibly shy as a kid, and I really am now only functionally conversant.  Blah, blah, blah about the weather or such...I think I will poke myself in the eye, thank you.

    I don't do jokes about my daughter dating very well.  She is extremely cute (not just saying that).  So, I get a lot of: "the boys are going to be all over her" or "she is going to be a little heartbreaker" or some other "funny" observation.  I know what little boys think.  I know I want to have a sexually liberated, strong feminist daughter...just not until she is...oh...out of college.  

    I don't do well with thoughts of teenage years: my own, my daughter's, etc.

    I have never done nuts.  Can't stand em.  Not any of the nut family.  Yuck.

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    Anonymous Anonymous said...

    Lovely Wife can say that he doesn't do bathrooms well. He does mow the lawn well, especially after we had extended conversations about what my baby plants looked like before and after mowing. (Well, and I had to agree to set bedding placement as opposed to random flowers around the yard. I suppose he does organization well that way too...)

    He does computers well. He draws a mean dinosaur for his daughter, well not too mean, because she was so little. He teaches writing well, and in fact, most of my family requests him when writing papers.

    He does not handle small talk with random people, but loves public speaking.

    I am not doing well here, because I keep getting requests of: Mom, when are you done? Is a few minutes done yet? I have to go find paper dolly clothes and finish my website.

    Lovely Wife

    Thursday, June 01, 2006  
    Blogger Inside the Philosophy Factory said...

    I think hunting would only be fun if the animal had a gun too....

    Thursday, June 01, 2006  

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