Sunday, October 29, 2006

    Why the Democrats will always be on the margins

    Why the Democrats will always be on the margins (or so it seems).

    They don’t fight dirty.

    Or, they don’t fight dirty enough. I am not saying historically, but only recently. The Dems have been outmaneuvered time and again by Rovian ethics—win at any costs.

    Do I say that Dems should portray a triple amputee war veteran as anti-American? No. But as long as the public has a stomach for a party that is willing to do so, then the Dems will be relegated to the sidelines, bleeting the injustice of it all.

    But, does one become ones moral antithesis? At times I would like that to happen—the end justifying the means, but that is, ultimately, a short-sighted strategy.

    So, what is the magic bullet? Someone who is willing to call the opposition what they are and to not back down—that is, don’t want the office more than the desire to tell the truth.

    Hillary will back down…Obama is untested in this…Kerry may have found a backbone, but it may have been too late…Edwards has seen the enemy, but will have to show his mettle some more…???

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