Monday, April 09, 2007

    Ah, Freshmen

    UCLA charted 40 years of incoming Freshman. This is a summary of a summary of what they found (with no attention to proper documentation given).

    • today’s freshmen are the most well-off since at least 35 years ago— with median incomes 60 percent above the national average, as compared to 46 percent above average in 1971
    • students state that they would participate in community service
      • being a community leader is rated higher than previous years
      • raising a family is the number one goal
        • number two is being well-off
        • number three is helping others
    • 1971: 90.9 percent of first-time freshmen were white; 2007: 76.5 percent white.
      • Blacks have “reached their numerical peak and, due to various factors, have slowly decreased their share of the freshman population.”
    • More non-religious affiliations
    • 2/3 socialize with those outside their ethnic group
    • Women have closed the academic gap in math, but not in computer or physical science
    • More students are getting A’s than ever before (24.1%)

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