Tuesday, October 02, 2007

    A reader recently wondered if I was still in the classroom (virtual or not). As I was pondering whether I should respond or not, I read Dean Dad's polemic on why CC's should hire PhD's.

    His basic argument is that PhD's are better equipped at providing the example education for their students, it helps calm the 'rents, and "on a pragmatic level, someone who already has a doctorate won't spend the next several years working on it."

    Not one of DD's better posts. While it may be true, his reasoning certainly doesn't make it right, nor does it make for the best arguments for his position. After all, saying that we should continue the "surge" because it is working to reduce sectarian attacks doesn't mean that the initial invasion was right.

    Of course, invasion of the ABD's is not the same as Iraq, but the logic is the same.

    What about a different criteria. I mean, one finds what one is looking for.

    Instead of brand appeal (encouraging the 'rents), what about ranking success in other metrics? What about the ability to inspire critical thought? What about the ability to lead by an example other than following an established path (research into a degree is a well-staked path)?

    Of course, I have talked about these sort of metrics before....just search for "metrics" and "teaching."

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