Tuesday, February 26, 2008

    Back on the Chain Gang

    I am beginning to settle back into a kind of routine. In case you missed, here is a three-month review:

    • Applied to local university for an Instructional Design position--which I am radically qualified for (I have working knowledge of the tools, experience with designing instructional material for adult learners--its been my friggin job for ten years--and experience as an online instructor--my future audience).
    • Didn't make the first cut
    • Took a project that had me traveling to a new town each week--gets old fast
    • local university calls back and indicates the three candidates they brought in all failed to impress--would I apply again
    • I apply again
    • Take a net-based, webinar one week gig. Worked fine.
    • Again did not make the phone interview cut
    • Drove the family cross the plains to teach for a week
    • Family got really sick--awful flu season, this one
    • Interviewed with and was offered a job the next day
    • Now working full time--project-based instructional design and delivery
    • No higher education work at all

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